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Lakota Scientific Blue Drop

Though we have pre-softened city water at our house, we were looking to install a high quality water filtration system to provide the best drinking water for our family.  We have the compact unit neatly installed under our sink, and it feeds water to a small cold and "instant hot" water tap.  We have been with Lakota Scientific for 5+ years and love our system - they have a knowledgeable staff and we trust them with the health of our family!  

M.L. St. Paul, MN

Lakota Scientific Home Water Filtration Drop Logo

Having experimented with bottled water, alkaline water and reverse osmosis, we love our Lakota Scientific water filter.  It makes a huge difference in the taste of our food and beverages. My ladies’ groups always ask the secret to my great tasting coffee…it’s our Lakota Scientific water filter.

M.E. Woodbury PA

Lakota Scientific Home Water Filtration Drop Logo

We have moved four times now and one of our first priorities is to install a new Lakota Scientific water filter system at each place we have lived over the past twenty years. Our main concern is being able to have healthy, clean drinking water. With the ever-increasing awareness of chemicals, plastics and a long list of health hazards in drinking water, we are confident that our Lakota Scientific water filter system gives us the best protection we could buy.

L&K T. Daytona Beach FL

Lakota Scientific Home Water Filtration Drop Logo

We moved to an old farm that has a well that was severely contaminated with hydrogen sulfide. The rotten egg smell was so bad we could not drink or even bathe in it. Lakota Scientific designed a custom system that has totally solved our problem. They took the time to understand our special circumstances and worked with us to meet our needs.  They even guaranteed the system would get rid of the problem or our money back. Thanks to Lakota Scientific, we are enjoying our life in the country.

G.E. Claysburg PA

Lakota Scientific Home Water Filtration Drop Logo

I live in an area that once had a lot of industrial manufacturing and ground water contamination. With the Lakota system I can be confident that my drinking water is clean and safe. Doing business with Lakota has been so easy and such a pleasure. After 12 years of heavy use, I decided to replace the old faucet with a new and upgraded one. I called for help in installing the faucet. I not only got to talk to a real person who knew what needed to be done, and he walked me through the whole process. I couldn’t believe that kind of personal service in this day and age. I would highly recommend Lakota Scientific.

R.Z. Rockford, IL

Lakota Scientific Home Water Filtration Drop Logo

Quite a few years ago I was seeing a wonderful holistic doctor and nutritionist. For many, many years I was buying gallons of bottled water because I could not drink the tap water. It was expensive, and quite inconvenient, because I had to lug the gallons upstairs to my apartment. I had tried a pour-through pitcher, but was not happy with it. When the nutritionist recommended Lakota Scientific, I jumped at the chance to try your filtration system. I had thought about installing a filter to my kitchen sink, but wasn't sure what kind to get since I had heard negative reviews about some of them. Well, I just LOVE your filter system. The water is delicious and clean, and I also enjoy the convenience of just being able to turn on my faucet and get all the fresh water I need. And Barry has been so incredibly kind and friendly whenever I have talked to him. I feel like he's an old friend and neighbor. Thank you for allowing me to share. 

G. D’A. Medina, OH

Lakota Scientific Wate Faucet

Five years ago, I purchased a Lakota Scientific Home Water Filter as I was remodeling my kitchen and was no longer satisfied with a Pur water filter jug. This was the absolute best product I found.  I purchased the Standard Under Counter Model which was delivered with all the fittings, filters, excellent instructions and a filter change calendar.  


From day one, I have loved the pure taste of the water and the peace of mind knowing my home has such high quality filtered water to drink, serve and cook with! The Staff at Lakota were most personable & helpful when it came time to change or rotate the LCB - carbon block - filters. Excellent customer service every step of the way. The faucet mounted on my counter looks beautiful with the other stainless features, don't you think?

A. F.  Ft. Collins, CO

Trust your water again.
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