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I was flying in a military aircraft over California admiring the lush growing fields below. As we approached for landing, the pilot began the common practice of lightening the aircraft in which fuel is dumped from the aircraft into the environment.

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Thousands of pounds of jet fuel, which contains a sinister cocktail of toxins and carcinogens, were released into the environment.

This gave me tremendous pause. This was California, the food basket of America. And this was common practice. I couldn’t stop thinking about the potential contamination of the food and water. 


The search for a good water filter for my family ended in disappointment as the average filter on the market did little more than remove chlorine. That’s when Lakota Scientific Home Water Filters was born. After almost 3 decades in the business, we see the need growing as more contaminants are found lurking in the water we play in, bathe in and drink. 


Today, Lakota Scientific Home Water Filtration is still a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and deep technical expertise. We offer ready-to-go solutions, or we can customize a filter for your specific needs.

- Barry, Co-Founder, Lakota Scientific Home Water Filters



Our name underscores our deep respect for the principles that guide the Native American culture: respect, kindness, generosity, wisdom and sustainability. We weave those values into every aspect of our business.


In the native language, Lakota means allied, united. The name Lakota emphasizes our commitment to treating you like family, providing the best possible customer service and bringing you the best water filtration products on the market. This is the reason that we have grown our business almost entirely by referrals, and many of our customers have been with us our entire journey of almost 3 decades……and counting!

Trust your water again.
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