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  • How much does it cost to maintain the Lakota System?
    $100-$200 per year for filter replacements, depending on the Lakota system.
  • How difficult is it to install the UC? Do I need to call a plumber?
    No plumber needed! It takes approximately 30 minutes to install using our instruction guide. If you get stuck, call us anytime: 1-800-945-5782.
  • Will I need a plumber to install the Whole House unit?
    Yes. The Whole House installation requires cutting into the main water lines and requires a plumber.
  • How will I know when to replace filters?
    We send reminders indicating which filter(s) to replace.
  • Does the Lakota Scientific system reduce fluoride?
    Yes. Fluoride can occur naturally or may be added to water by local municipalities. Many of our customers want to remove fluoride from drinking water. A note to consumers: fluoride is difficult to remove and requires specialty medias. For more information visit:
  • I have special or unique water concerns. Do you customize units?
    Yes! Call us to walk through options: 1-800-945-5782.
  • What if I get my water from a well?
    If your water comes from a well, testing should be performed. Well water can have cominants not typically found in water from a municipality. We can customize a unit for your specific needs. 1-800-945-5782
Trust your water again.
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