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A Family Business Since 1990
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St. Paul, MN

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The Whole House Unit system sends every drop of your water through 4,600 grams of carbon. It is mounted where the water enters the home, and a plumber is recommended for installation. This unit filters all the water in the home, including drinking water, bathing, brushing teeth, washing clothes, etc. A "must-have" for those in a high contamination areas or if you have sensitive skin or take baths.


Note: If your home is older (lead pipes) or you live in a high contamination area, consider a combination of Whole House Unit + Under Counter Unit. The Whole House filters water entering the house, and the Under Counter filters water prior to drinking or cooking thus further reducing harmful contaminants that may be present in the house plumbing infrastructure. We've bundled these for additional savings.


  • If there is a problem with your Lakota system, we solve it. We stand behind our products.